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Red Feather Lakes Library Map

71 Firehouse Lane, PO Box 123, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado 80545
970-881-2664 | help@redfeatherlibrary.org

Red Feather Lakes Library's Mission Statement

Red Feather Lakes Community Library provides a welcoming environment with resources and programming for learning, enrichment, development and growth for all ages and all users. We are actively engaged in community needs and positive collaboration.

Red Feather Lakes Library's Vision Statement

To offer library services and civic support to the people of our mountain community that provides for their sustenance and advancement for today and into the future.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

Red Feather Lakes Community Library is committed to providing a respectful and inclusive space for the community. The library embraces diversity in all forms and holds to a standard of providing equitable library services to all.