*Memorandum of Understanding Red Feather Lakes Community Library (RFLCL)

Cooperating Entities:
Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees (RFMLD)
Friends of the Red Feather Lakes Community Library (FOL)
Community Advisory Committee for CFNC Fund (the Committee or CFNC Committee)

The following will constitute an operating agreement between FOL, RFMLD and the Committee.  It will stand until, and unless, it is modified by mutual agreement of governing bodies of all three entities.

The FOL mission is to raise money and public awareness in the community to support the services and programs of the Library.  As a non-profit, 501c3 organization, however, it is a legally distinct entity and is not a part of the RFMLD.

The CFNC Committee is an advisory group established by agreement to process requests from RFMLD for distributions of funds available in the Library Fund held by Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.  The Committee will include one member of the Stenzel family or family representative, one member-at-large from the RFMLD community, the President of RFMLD, and the President of FOL.

RFMLD is the governing body appointed by Larimer County Commissioners and is tasked with all decisions necessary for the operation of the Library.

RFMLD will, as necessary, request that the CFNC Committee forward a formal request for a distribution of funds as allowed from the Red Feather Lakes Community Library Fund held by Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

When receiving a request from the RFMLD the CFNC Committee will meet, review the request and, upon majority approval, submit the request to Community Foundation of Northern Colorado with the instructions for the distribution to be made in accordance with the financial regulations of all parties involved.

RFMLD will process all monies given directly to the Library benefiting the CFNC,  RFMLD, through its Director, will forward all monies designated for the Red Feather Lakes Community Library Fund at Community Foundation of Northern Colorado as directed, keep records of all such transactions, distribute copies of such records to FOL and the CFNC Committee.

FOL will raise money for the good of the Library and, in consultation with the Library director and RFMLD, expend such funds on projects for the benefit of the library.  Donations to the Red Feather Lakes Community Library Fund at Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, or other Library Fund, received by FOL, which are specifically designated as such, shall be forwarded to RFMLD for processing and transmittal to the appropriate fund, as directed.

RFMLD and FOL will make meeting minutes and financial records available to the CFNC Committee as requested.

The RFMLD agrees to share with the FOL its annual plan at the beginning of each fiscal year and discuss with FOL how their resources and support might help forward this plan.

The RFMLD agrees to supply the FOL with a “needs list” each year that indicates the anticipated needs for FOL support.

The RFMLD agrees to provide the FOL with staff support to assist them with development of the newsletter, mass mailing(s), meeting coordination, and FOL promotional materials. Volunteers are necessary and welcomed for these projects.

The RFMLD agrees to provide public space for FOL membership brochures, promotional materials and product sales.

The RFMLD agrees to provide FOL with space for book storage, sorting, book sales, and office needs.

The FOL agree to publicly support the RFMLD and its policies.

The RFMLD and FOL will each provide a non-voting presence at each other’s board meetings, and there will be room on each agenda for a report from the other entity.

The FOL agree that any and all monies raised will be spent exclusively in support of library programs, services, and other RFMLD defined needs unless otherwise agreed to by both the FOL and RFMLD.

The FOL agree that the RFMLD administration has the final say in accepting or declining any and all gifts made to the library.

The FOL agree to engage in advocacy efforts on behalf of the RFLCL under the guidance of the RFLCL Director and the RFMLD Board of Trustees.

The FOL agree that if they cease to actively fundraise and promote the RFLCL, they will disband in accordance with Article IX of the FOL By-Laws, allowing for a new FOL group to be established in the future.

According to SECTION VI of the FOL Articles of Association: Upon dissolution of the Association, all remaining assets of the organization shall be distributed to the Red Feather Mountain Library District, Larimer County, a political subdivision of the State of Colorado.

Revisions History
Approved by the Friends of the Red Feather Library Board, April 27, 2012.
Revised and approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees, September 28, 2011.
Previously revised April, 2008.