Deselection of Materials Policy

Approved April 23, 2014 by the Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees.

The Library is responsive to the needs and interests of the community. Materials are selected to address those needs.

However, because of limitations of space and arrangement new materials must often displace existing materials. Titles may otherwise be removed from the Library’s collection because of poor physical condition, obsolete information, obsolete formats or being supplanted by newer editions.

Item use is a primary determinant of member interest and value. Past recent use tends to be the best indicator of foreseeable future use. Therefore, item use, both by individual title or individual collection, can, on appropriate occasions be used as criteria in determining whether library holdings are retained or otherwise returned to the community, sold, donated or removed.

Items removed from the collection are not necessarily devoid of merit; rather, in circumstances of a reasonable amount of shelf time have failed to engage local interest.

Selection and the removal of titles is the responsibility of the Library Director or delegated Library staff members.


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Revisions History
Approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees April 23, 2014.
Revised and approved February 23, 2011.
Originally adopted October, 2007.

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