Art Display Policy for Ruth’s Gallery

Revised and approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library Board of Trustees August 22, 2012.

The Red Feather Lakes Community Library accepts shows from individual artists and groups of artists. Groups or individuals are asked to discuss art show ideas with the manager of Ruth’s Gallery. The Library reserves the right to determine appropriateness of items to be included in the display. Information about the nature (theme) of the show, the medium, and information about the group or individual (e.g. years of experience, highlights of work, etc) must be provided.

Potential artists and exhibitors should note the following:

Ruth’s Gallery is located in a prominent part of the library, accessible to families and children, and this should be considered when choosing works to exhibit.

  • Ruth’s Gallery is not intended to be a commercial venue and prices are not posted. Artist contact information is a welcome part of the display. Business cards are accepted.
  • Artists are responsible for working with the Gallery Manager to install and remove the shows. The Library has a ladder, hooks, and shelves available for use.
  • Artists may create and post statements or other descriptions of the show.
  • The Library assumes no liability in case of damage or theft.
  • Shows are one month in duration, and can be installed the first of the month and must be removed by the last day of the month, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Artists will read and sign the Artist Release Form.

Artists or groups must confirm their show with the Library one month in advance. Artists or groups are limited to one show per year. Preference will be given to artists or groups whose work has not been displayed in the previous year.

For other questions, artists or exhibitors may call the Red Feather Lakes Community Library at 970-881-2664.

Revisions History
Approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees on August 22, 2012.
Reviewed and approved February 25, 2009.
Originally adopted April 20, 2006.