Most Recent Policy Committee Minutes

Red Feather Mountain Library District

Policy Committee Meeting – Minutes, Approved

October 25, 2017 – 8:30am



Call to order at 8:31 am.


Members present: Julie Burness, Marleila Springer, Zen Raczkowski, Lynn Wartgow, Lori Davis, Tom Sudduth, and Creed Kidd. Members of the general public present: Jill Reynolds, Chris Charbonneau, and Linda Bell


Zen Raczkowski moved to approve the September minutes and Lynn Wartgow seconded.  Motion carries.


Employee Benefits Policy – Creed Kidd explained this policy to the committee. The committee also discussed AirMed insurance costs for employees. Lynn Wartgow moved to adopt the Census version of the AirMed coverage, instead of the current version. Zen Raczkowski seconded. Motion carries.


Employee Job Descriptions for the Maintenance Services and Cleaning Services positions. Creed Kidd discussed the new job positions with the committee. It was recommended that some language be changed for consistency amongst descriptions. Lynn Wartgow moved to send these job descriptions to the Board for approval, with changes. Zen Raczkowski seconded. Motion carries.


Tereaza Anliker was introduced to the committee as the new Cleaning Services employee.


Jill Reynolds and Linda Bell addressed the Committee about the Programming Policy of Darlene’s hiking program. They gave an overview of the program, and how it impacts the community.


For the next policy meeting, the committee will review the Employee Benefits and Programming Policies.


Adjournment at 9:40 am.


Next Policy Committee Meeting: as determined.


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