Most Recent Finance Committee Minutes

Red Feather Mountain Library District

Finance Committee Minutes

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 (unapproved)

Call to Order:  Members Present-Edie, Marleila, Stu, Creed, Julie

Minutes of the April 5, 2017 were approved as corrected

Review of the Financial Reports for June 2017:

Question about the line item at the end of the Operating Inc/Expense Report: Why are the “Net Ordinary Income” and “Net Income” redundant?  It would be helpful to “see” the subtraction of “Total Income” and “Total Expenses” that yield “Net Income” at the end of this report.

Reviews of the Employee Travel Reimbursement Process and the Budgeting Process were discussed and recommended to be included on the Board of Trustees Agenda.

Transition to a new Treasurer hasn’t happened because the officer has not been designated.  This item will also be on the Board Agenda.

Edie’s farewell was heartfelt with similar “we’ll be missing you and thank yous” voiced by all.

Adjournment was at 12:10



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