Most Recent Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes


Red Feather Mountain Library District

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2017


Board Members Present: Julie Burness (President), Edie Gause (Treasurer), Angie Swindell (Secretary), Diane Nelson, Marleila Springer

Library Staff Members Present: Creed Kidd (Library Director), Jeanette Heath (Librarian)

General Public Present: Shayle Nelson, Larimer County Office of Emergency Management


CALL TO ORDER/DECLARATION OF QUORUM: A quorum was present and President Burness called the meeting to order at 9:08am.

READING/CORRECTION OF THE MINUTES of the January 25, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting.  Edie Gause moved to accept the January 25, 2017 minutes as corrected.  Motion was seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.


PUBLIC COMMENTS: Shayle Nelson of the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management presented information about a new community emergency preparedness/community resilience project titled Larimer Connects. It is funded by a one year grant. The project is a result of a county unmet needs study organized after the High Park Fire and flood events.  She proposed that the library would serve as a community information hub when emergency events impact our area. We would be a point of contact for important information and updates.  This was the initial discussion of how the library might serve the community. Diane Nelson moved to establish the library as a community information hub. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY REPORT: No official report. The first Free Little Library is going up in Green Mountain Meadows in a few weeks.


STAFF REPORTS: Public Service Librarian Reports

  • Darlene – not present
  • Jeanette reported that movie night is every Saturday and attendance is going up at each event. One potential reason for low turnout is that parents need a place to hang out.  Darlene is exploring a Parent’s Night Out event.
  • Janet – not present



  1. Treasurer and Finance Committee:
    1. Report on January finances – Board reviewed and accepted the January financial reports.
    2. QuickBooks software will need updating in May.
    3. Calendar of scheduled meetings – Upcoming meetings will be April 7th at 1pm, July 14th at 1pm, then the 2nd Fridays in September, October, November, and December at 1pm.
    4. Resolution to adopt exemption from full audit – Edie Gause moved to approve the resolution to adopt exemption from full audit to be submitted to the State of Colorado. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
  2. Policy Committee:
    1. Social Media Policy – Angie Swindell moved to accept the social media policy as corrected. The Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.
    2. Use of Library Services – Angie Swindell moved to accept the Policy on the confidentiality of library records as written. The Motion was seconded and the vote passed unanimously.
    3. Upcoming Reviews: Disaster Preparedness Policy
  3. Long Range Planning Committee: Meetings will resume once we have a full board.
  4. Search Committee: Report on efforts to solicit replacement Board members. We have 2 applicants (one realtor, one former admin assistant) that the committee will interview soon.





Creed reviewed his monthly report, highlighting that SIPA isn’t funding internet redundancy projects this year but they have forwarded our Redundancy Grant proposal to DOLA.



  1. Strategic Plan – Technology – The Board reviewed the current plan. No changes were recommended at this time.



  1. Introducing “Best Practices…” Webcasts as presented by Kathy Gaines – tabled.
  2. Reading of Kathy Gaines’ resignation letter – Julie Burness read Kathy’s letter to the Board.


ADJOURNMENT:  Julie Burness declared the meeting adjourned at 10:43am.


Upcoming Meetings:

Policy and Documents: March 22, 2017 8:30am

Board Meeting: March 22, 2017, 9:00am

Finance: April 7, 2017 1:00pm

Long Range Planning: TDA


Respectfully submitted,


Angie Swindell – Board Secretary

February 2017























































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