Most Recent Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes

Red Feather Mountain Library District

Board of Trustees Minutes — Approved

October 25, 2017, 9:00 am



A quorum was present, and the meeting was called to order at 9:50 am.


Board Members Present: Julie Burness (President), Marleila Springer (Treasurer/Secretary), Zen Raczkowski (Vice President), Lori Davis, and Lynn Wartgow.


Staff Members Present: Creed Kidd (Library Director), Jeanette Heath (Librarian), Janet Markley (Librarian), and Darlene Kilpatrick (Librarian).


General Public Present: Chris Charbonneau (Board Member Candidate) and Dana Shriver.


Zen Raczowski moved to approve the September minutes as presented and Lynn Wartgow seconded.  Motion carries.


Conflict of Interest: no board members have a conflict of interest.


Correspondence: none


Public Comments: none


Chris Charbonneau introduced herself to the Board as a potential board member candidate.


Friends of the Library Report and Discussion: Maureen Paque was not present to give a report. Julie gave the Board an update on Amazon Smiles contributions for Friends of the Library and the Library itself.


Staff Reports:


Darlene Kilpatrick – Her report is attached. Darlene gave discussion on the events and items in her report.


Jeanette Heath – Her reports are attached. Jeanette gave an update on the programs she is maintaining, and their success. GoCo grant final check is in and ready to be deposited.


Janet Markley – She was away for a family emergency, and was unable to give a report at this time.




Committee Reports:


Treasurer and Finance Committee Report -


Report on September Financials – Marleila Springer gave a summary of what happened at the October 11th Finance Committee Meeting. Discussion was made about the September Financials, as presented by Jeanette Heath.


Dana Shriver gave the Board an overview of how to read the financial reports for the Library. She expressed to the Board that an exemption to audit should be adequate for the GoCo grant finalization. Lynn Wartgow moved that the Library do an exemption from full audit, Tom Sudduth seconded. Motion carried.


Creed Kidd explained for the Board the addition of a Library maintenance position and the hiring of the cleaning position and what their duties would consist of. These positions are for Maintenance Services (which was a new position) and Cleaning Services (which was a position needing to be filled) staff. These positions will be cross-trained for other duties at the Library, as needed. Zen Raczowski moved to add a Maintenance Services employee to the Library’s staff. Lori Davis seconded. Motion carried.


The Finance Committee invited all members to attend the next meeting, November 8 at 8:30 am, as the 2018 budget review will continue.


The Bohemian Grant total award was $14,500. $7,500 of this was allocated for employees and training. 3 part time employees have been hired: Megan Henderson, Jeanette Gaiter (substitute), and Jenny Horna. $7,000 was allocated for supplies/program materials. The Grant’s timeframe is for 1 year, corresponding with the current school year.


Policy Committee – the Policy Committee discussed the following policies/procedures with the Board.


Employee Benefits – The Policy Committee recommended to the Board that the AirMed employee benefits be changed based on the Annual Census Plan Guidelines for Business recommendations. Tom Sudduth moved that the Board approve the change based on the Census report, Zen Raczowski seconded. Motion carried.


Maintenance Services and Cleaning Services job descriptions were presented to the Board by the Policy Committee, with changes. Lynn Wartgow moved to approve the job descriptions as presented, with changes. Tom Sudduth seconded. Motion carried.


Long Range Planning Committee – No report.


Search Committee – Julie Burness gave an update on the search for new board members.

Director’s Report, Creed Kidd – his report is attached. Creed Kidd discussed his report with the Board, and gave updates. Addendum to his report – Creed Kidd expressed concern that current contractors are not holding to estimated end dates for projects to be completed. Lynn Wartgow moved to continue to exam all options to make a cistern addition to the Library, in the most cost effective way possible. Lori Davis seconded. Motion carried.


Unfinished Business:


Angie Swindell’s letter of resignation was discussed by the Board.


Tereaza Anliker is the new Cleaning Services staff member, and she was introduced to the Board.


New Business:


Election of new Board Secretary – Lynn Wartgow was elected to be the new Secretary.


Adjournment at 11:45 am.


Upcoming Committee Meetings:


Next Board Meeting: December 13, 2017, 9:00 am


Policy and Documents: TBD


Finance: November 8, 2017, 8:30 am.


Long Range Planning: TBD

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