Most Recent Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes

Red Feather Mountain Library District

Board of Trustees Minutes (unapproved)

June 28 2017 – 9:00 am



A quorum was present, and the meeting was called to order at 9:08 am


Board Members Present: Julie Burness (President), Diane Nelson (Vice President), Marleila Springer (Secretary), Jane Wagner, and Angie Swindell


Staff Members Present: Creed Kidd (Library Director), Jeanette Heath (Librarian), Janet Markley (Librarian)


General Public Present: Maureen Paque (Friends of the Library President) and Drew Davis (Larimer County Broadband Coordinator)


Diane Nelson moved to approve the May 24, 2017 minutes as presented and Jane Wagner seconded.  Motion carries.


Board members declaration of conflict of interest: none


Correspondence: none


Public Comments: Drew Davis gave the board an update on the status of broadband, fiber optic and high speed internet in Larimer County, specifically in the Red Feather Lakes Library District. Creed Kidd recommended to the Board that the library should have Century Link conduct a study to make fiber optic internet viable for the Library. Angie Swindell moved to approve Creed’s recommendation, Diane seconded. Motion carries.


Friends of the Library Report and Discussion: Maureen Paque gave the Board an update on the status of the Friends of the Library.


Staff Reports:


Darlene Kilpatrick – Her report is attached. Darlene gave discussion on the events and items in her report.


Jeanette Heath – Her reports are attached. Jeanette gave an update on the programs she is maintaining, and their success.


Janet Markley – Her report is attached. Janet gave an update on the activities she is assisting with.



Committee Reports:


Treasurer and Finance Committee Report - A report was given on the attached May finance reports. The Board discussed the reports, and accepted them as presented.


Policy Committee – the Policy Committee discussed the following policies/procedures with the Board.


Statements of Principle Policy - Policy committee recommended the Board approve with no changes. Angie Swindell moved to accept the recommendation. Julie Burness seconded. Motion carries.


Standards of Acceptable Behavior Policy – Policy committee recommended the Board approve with no changes. Angie Swindell moved to accept the recommendation. Jane Wagner seconded. Motion carries.


Procedures for Social Media – Policy committee informed the Board this was tabled to be reviewed at the July meeting.


Long Range Planning Committee – Julie Burness gave a summary on the Long Range Planning Committee meeting held in June.

Director’s Report, Creed Kidd – his report is attached. Creed discussed his report with the Board.


Creed added an addendum of 2 bids for installation of a handrail. He reviewed for the Board the 2 bids, and asked that a motion be put in place to accept the bid of Matt Clemens. Angie Swindell so moved, Marleila Springer seconded. Motion carries.


Creed added a second addendum to his report, concerning the status of obtaining a contractor to install a lightning rod for the Library. Creed gave the Board an update on the status of this search.

Unfinished Business:


“Talking Points”— Diane Nelson – Diane thanked the Library staff for their participation in the Fire Awareness event in June, and gave an overview of the success of the event.


The Board-sponsored Volunteer Dinner – The dinner’s details were discussed.


Larimer County Emergency Hub – Creed Kidd and Darlene Kilpatrick gave the Board an update on the progress of the Library’s status as an emergency hub in the event of a disaster in the Library’s district.




New Business:


Colorado State Library Standards – This will be reviewed at the July meeting.

Resignation letter for Edie Gause (Treasurer) – The Board discussed Edie’s resignation, and agreed to determine the next Treasurer at the July meeting.


Adjournment at 11:07 am


Upcoming Committee Meetings:


Next Board Meeting: June 28, 2017 9:00 am


Policy and Documents: June 28, 2017 8:30 am


Finance: July 12, 2017, 11:00 am


Long Range Planning: June 28, 2017 11:30 am

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