Standards of Acceptable Behavior Policy

Reviewed and approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library Board of Trustees June 28, 2017

Use of Library property is intended for all users to be comfortable, safe, convenient and advantageous. Therefore, user behavior is expected to foster these goals in providing a welcoming atmosphere in which both the user’s and library’s business is transacted comfortably and beneficially.

User behavior that interferes with, limits or disrupts normal Library operation, or use of the facility or Library property in ways clearly not intended by policy, procedure or precedence is considered unacceptable user behavior and is subject to remedy by the Library.

Unacceptable behavior may range from boisterous actions, profanity, infringing on the rights or comfort of others, intoxication, drug use or other illegal behaviors, theft, solicitation, vandalism, viewing of pornography, or the intended interference with Library staff, volunteers and other users that is clearly uncomfortable, disruptive and/or unsafe. Other behaviors may apply.

Cell phone use is permitted provided that the participant practices appropriate phone etiquette.

Within the limitation of Colorado Statute the Library is intended to be a weapons-free zone. The open carry of weapons within the Library is prohibited. Concealed weapons in the possession of individuals holding a valid concealed weapons permit within the library that directly or inadvertently become visible are subject to request by Library staff that the weapon either be concealed or secured outside of the Library. Concealment requests ignored by valid concealed weapons permit holding individuals carrying weapons or the repeated display of weaponry is subject to request by Library staff that the individual leave the premises or otherwise may result in Library staff contacting law enforcement to resolve the incident.

Individuals authorized through employment or other lawful means to carry weapons, or, sportsmen during hunting or fishing season are permitted to have knives or other utensils supplemental to that sport provided that the device is secured on the person and not carried in the hands nor deliberately brought to attention.

Individuals holding valid concealed weapons permits are subject to the other conditions and determination of acceptable behavior outlined within this policy.

A judgment of inappropriate behavior is made by librarian-in-charge who may take reasonable and appropriate action to resolve the issue. This may range from discussion through the limiting of library privileges, expulsion or the summoning of outside assistance. Individuals who feel that they have been unfairly treated have the right of appeal to the Library Director or otherwise the Library Board of Trustees.

The safety and well-being of Library users, employees and volunteers comes first and actions taken to correct inappropriate behavior will reflect these concerns.

Refer to:
Standards of Unacceptable Behavior Procedure
Red Feather Mountain Library District Statement of Principles

Revisions History:
Reviewed and approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library Board of Trustees June 28, 2017
Revised and approved by the Red Feather Mountain Library Board of Trustees December 11, 2014
Incorporates and supersedes: Weapons Policy (Sept. 26, 2012)
Incorporates and supersedes:  Policy Regarding Cell Phone Use in the Library (March 23, 2011)
Originally approved by the Red Mountain Library Board of Trustees, June 22, 2011.

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