Red Feather Mountain Library District Volunteer Policy

Revised and adopted by the Red Feather Mountain Library District Board of Trustees August 27, 2014.

Volunteerism founded Red Feather Lakes Community Library in 1969 and continues to be an integral part of providing library service. Volunteers perform many important tasks at the library daily. The Library actively encourages and solicits volunteer activity.

By definition, volunteers serve at the library without financial or benefited compensation. Volunteers represent the library to the public and therefore are subject to the same standards of behavior, conduct and dress as the employed staff.

For those applicants who are expected to be volunteering on a regular or re-occurring basis after October 24, 2012 a criminal history and sex offender list background check will be conducted. Prospective volunteers are subject to an application, interview, training, orientation and review process and must be approved by the Library Director before being assigned responsibilities. Not all volunteer applicants will be selected, and selections will be made on those qualities that define good library service: knowledge, ability, good customer service skills and positive attitude.

Library staff will organize and direct volunteer tasks. While the Library is unable to allow the selection of tasks by volunteers, efforts will be made to assign appropriate tasks to individuals. No tasks will be assigned that are clearly inappropriate, entail undue risk or involve extraordinary effort on the part of volunteers.

The Library values and appreciates the efforts of volunteers and will make efforts through the year to highlight or otherwise acknowledge volunteer contributions.

Volunteer guidelines and procedures are outlined in the Library’s Volunteer Procedure.

Revision History:
Last revised and adopted by the Red Feather Mountain Library District August 27, 2014.
Previously revised October 24, 2012.
Originally adopted June 22, 2011.

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